Sanam Re lyrics


Sanam Re lyrics: The story begins just before New Year is about to set in. Akash works for a private firm in Mumbai and leads a monotonous life. When he learns that his grandfather’s health has worsened, he leaves the city to visit his native town, Tanakpur. There, he negotiates a deal to sell his grandfather’s studio in Sanam Re lyrics.

History of Sanam Re lyrics

Sanam Re lyrics
Sanam Re lyrics

While visiting the studio for one last time in Sanam Re lyrics, he is driven into nostalgia, and the story is sent in a flashback. Six-year-old Akash lives with his parents and grandfather (Rishi Kapoor), who is a photographer. Akash’s grandfather predicts that Akash will fall in love with a girl who lives 500 steps away from their studio and that they will be in love forever but won’t be able to live together. Akash takes 500 steps and finds a tall girl older than him, disappointing him of Sanam Re lyrics of lemonlyrics.

Meanwhile, when he gets to high-school, he falls for Shruti (Yami Gautam). But he left her without informing just because he had to continue his higher studies in Sanam Re lyrics Mumbai. When Shruti learns this, she is shattered. She couldn’t accept his selfishness after a long-term, affectionate relationship. Back in the present, He tries to find Shruti but fails. When he learns that his boss (Manoj Joshi) has fired him, he rushes back and is asked to secure a big contract for his company if he wants to save his job.

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He travels to Canada to meet Mrs. Pablo, their company investor’s wife who is now broken-up with her husband. He attends a yoga camp, where he becomes friends with Mrs. Pablo and learns that her real name is Akansha Sanam Re lyrics (Urvashi Rautela). Akash also meets Shruti there, who behaves like a happy-go-lucky and doesn’t recognize Akash. Akash pretends to be in love with Akansha to secure the contract, but he and Shruti fall in love with each other again during completing a task in the camp.They sleep together and revive their lost love. It is also revealed that Akansha is none other than the tall girl that Akash met in his childhood. Akash is again left heartbroken when Shruti leaves at the end of the camp, saying that they can’t be together.

Akash realizes┬áSanam Re lyrics Shruti still loves him and embarks on a journey to find the truth behind her rejection with the help of Akansha. He learns that she left him because she is suffering from a rare heart disease; she will die if her heart isn’t transplanted soon. She requests him to live with her, all the life they would have if they were given a chance to.

In just a few days, they experience the life of being newly married, being a wedded couples and growing old. By the time they finish experiencing those days, they have a sweet and emotional conversation, and now Sanam Re lyrics download Akash has to leave for his job purpose.

A few months later, Shruti moves out of the hospital, healthy and cured-they found a donor and the transplant was done! In order to be with Akash, she moves to the city to find him and is left shocked when his phone is switched off and she can’t contact him. Hopelessly she wandered around until she finds a voice note left by Akash, then further goes in search for him, In the end, when she comes to the place where Akash lived during his Sanam Re lyrics childhood, her heart began to beat faster. That’s when she realizes, Akash gave his heart to her. Shruti leaves loved yet broken…

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